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Silver futures recover sharply

December silver futures rebounded sharply on Friday, reversing most of the losses from Thursday reaction lower, and closing the silver trading session at $23.10 per ounce, marginally below the high of $23.35 per ounce and up $0.65 per ounce on the day. The short term...

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Silver futures break above $22 per ounce

December silver futures continued to climb higher once again today, pushing through the $22 per ounce level again which we saw breached yesterday, but this time holding firm, and at the time of writing silver is trading at 22.06, up from a low of 21.72...

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December silver futures touch $22 per ounce

Silver futures surged higher again yesterday, ending the commodity trading session on Globex, with a wide spread up candle with a deep wick to the lower body, clearly reinforcing once again the bullish sentiment for the industrial metal at present. The test to the downside...

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